cash home investor Cash home buyers are ready to purchase your home regardless of its condition. Traditionally, you would seek out realtors who would go through several processes to get your house off your hands. However, a realtor’s priorities may not align with yours when selling your property, leaving you with fewer benefits and a longer waiting time.

Consider cash home investors to avoid the complicated real estate process. With cash home buyers like 1-800-SELL-NOW, you can skip the expensive and time-consuming procedure of constantly relisting your home for sale.

Here’s a closer look at how you can save yourself from this real estate procedure. Plus, the benefits to consider when working with a cash home investor to sell your home.

Avoid Relisting; Save Time

Relisting involves a contract with a realtor stating that they must sell your home within a certain period. Should the period expire and the realtor fails to meet the terms of the agreement, then you must list your home for sale again. You could relist with the same agent or find a new one.

With a cash home investor, you are selling your house to them directly. Home investors do not look for buyers for you since they are the buyers themselves. This way, you have a guaranteed sale, and you are saving time from searching for potential buyers.

Investors may go through the traditional real estate processes themselves and find a regular buyer. However, they would have to prepare the house they bought first. In other words, they can take your home off your hands for a fair price, and you will no longer have to worry about what the investor does with the house.

Sell Your House As-Is

sell my house fast as is near meSince investors will handle any maintenance and beautification efforts your house may need, they can purchase property regardless of its state. Whether you have a run-down or relatively new place, cash home investors are ready to take it off your hands for a fair price.

Realtors may not even consider working with you if you want to sell a house with several issues. Others may require you to conduct repairs yourself before they promote your home on the real estate market. You can save on maintenance fees when you sell your house as-is to a cash home buyer.

Investors buy homes regardless of their damage. They have contractors on retainer should the house require repairs and remodeling. Investors can even purchase weather or fire-damaged homes due to their location. In essence, investors have already considered multiple states of home damage and have the resources to fix them for themselves.

Sell Houses From Any Neighborhood

Investors buy houses regardless of their location or neighbors. Meanwhile, some realtors may avoid listing a property located in noisy areas or somewhere prone to crime. Homebuyers consider these factors when purchasing a home because they want to live comfortably in their new house.

You do not have to worry about these external factors when selling your house to an investor because they will not live in the place they purchase. Rowdy neighbors are the least of a cash home buyer’s concern. Even if a neighborhood is less than ideal for an investor’s standards, they will take on the burden of making a home appealing despite its location.

Avoid the Real Estate Market Altogether

Investors buy homes without engaging in the housing market. They do not have to rely on the real estate market’s success rate in a particular area. For comparison, realtors need to pay attention to an area’s housing market performance.

There may be no buyers when the housing market is going down. So, realtors have no one to sell your house to since no one is interested at the moment. You would have to wait for a stable period when people are more likely to buy homes.

Cash home investors can buy your home even if the housing market has not seen any substantial growth for weeks or months. This method is ideal if you need fast cash.

Get Cash for Your Home

Cash home investors live up to their name because they pay for houses in cash. Unlike realtors who need to find people to buy your house through banks, investors are ready to buy your home without financial institutions.

Investors buying homes with cash make things easier and more secure on your part as the home seller. Alternatively, you may never know whether a traditional buyer can indeed purchase your home. Sometimes, buyers fail to get a loan they intended for a home. This denial may extend the selling process, so you wait longer to get your money.

Cash home investors do not go through complicated and time-consuming loan processes because they have their own money to pay for your house. They craft fair offers based on your house’s condition and location.

Save Commission Money

Apart from getting a sure cash offer for your home, you can save money by working with a cash home investor. Realtors charge commission fees to sell your home on the real estate market, which usually averages between 5% and 6% of your home’s sale price. These commissions typically go over $10,000.

In other words, you will share your profits with your real estate agent. Your buyer may also have a real estate agent of their own, who will receive a percentage of the sale. So, you may end up not receiving the total sales price you expected.

You can avoid splitting profits with agents when you sell your home to an investor. The investor pays you, and you get to keep all the money from the sale. Working with an investor is like buying something over the counter.

Reduce Paperwork

When you sell to a cash home investor, you are dealing with a single entity. So, you can cut out unnecessary and complicated documents. You do not have to worry about satisfying third parties that may demand certain maintenance or repairs for your house before they clear the sale.

Traditional real estate procedures involve realtors and a buyer. Each party will have individual contracts with unique terms and conditions. This complexity may even require attorneys for review if you want to avoid going through mountains of paperwork yourself.

Once you deal with an investor, you only have to sign the paperwork that serves both of you. Plus, investors usually take care of the documents involved in cash home sales, giving you a break from complex forms.

Save On Closing Fees

With less paperwork to worry about, you can save even more money during the closing of the traditional real estate sales process. Paperwork fees tend to accumulate at the end of a sale, reducing your earnings upon successfully selling your home.

Besides taking away most portions of the closing process, investors also deal with the remaining tasks associated with closing. They cover any fees during the closing period, guaranteeing a fixed price for the home you’re selling.

Investors also do not have hidden fees when buying a house for cash. You get a fixed offer, and once you accept it, you settle the exchange smoothly.

Sell My Home Fast

Speed is the primary benefit of selling your home to a cash home investor. You can close a deal within a week without waiting, and investors have the money ready and will handle most paperwork associated with the sale. This benefit essentially gives you the money you need when you need it.

Consider selling to a cash home buyer when you need help with foreclosure or you just need to “sell my house fast“. This situation could damage your credit score, affecting your eligibility for loans you may need in the future. Protect your qualifications by selling your home before your home is foreclosed completely.

Even the most skilled realtor cannot guarantee a successful sale within the selling period for a home in foreclosure. Meanwhile, since you can close a deal with a cash home investor in a week, you can effectively sell your home before the foreclosure period ends. Most states allow 90 days to complete such a period.

Investors also know how to navigate this situation, so everyone involved gets what they need. Get in touch with cash home investors to sell your home quickly and efficiently.


Speed and efficiency are the primary benefits of a cash home investor sale. Cash home buyers can purchase your home in as fast as a week. This quick process makes selling to an investor an ideal option if you need quick cash.

The fast transaction owes to the fact that you can skip traditional real estate market processes. That is to say; you no longer have to wait for a realtor to find a qualified buyer since an investor is going to buy your home directly.

Investors offer cash for your home and can buy it as-is, meaning you can ignore any maintenance or repairs your property may need. The investor will craft a fair price based on these factors, and you will decide to take their offer.

Consider 1-800-SELL-NOW as the cash home investor for your home to ‘sell my house fast Des Moines IA‘. As professional cash home investors, we are ready to offer all the benefits in this list and more. Get in touch with our experts today to get a quick cash offer on your home in any condition or neighborhood.

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