Sell Your House Fast To Pay for Legal Issues

Sell Your House Fast To Pay for Legal

The unthinkable has just happened — you’ve just become embroiled in a lawsuit. Maybe you got busted for drunk driving, became a victim of a robbery, or have to fight an unfair will. Regardless of what caused it, you’re now knee-deep in legal fees, and the situation is looking bleaker by the minute. How can you get out of it?

Well, one solution you might not know about is selling your house fast. At, we can buy your home for cash — contact us today to request a fast, free, zero-obligation cash offer!

The Costs You Incur While Fighting Legal Issues

No one ever anticipates accidents.

You could be on your way to work like any other day when a car runs a red light and slams into you. As a result, you could suffer debilitating injuries that will rack up thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost income. How are you going to get the money back?

You could also be on the other side of this situation — maybe you got distracted for a split second by something on the side of the road. The next thing you know, you missed your cue to stop at the red light and hit a pedestrian. What will you do, especially if your insurance won’t cover the damage?

The answer to both these questions is simple — hire a lawyer to protect you. Now, this may be simple, but it isn’t cheap. Some lawyers will agree to work on a contingency basis (i.e. you don’t have to pay fees upfront and the lawyer will take expenses out on the settlement instead). However, most will require significant legal fees, especially if you’re dealing with criminal or family law.

Court fees typically include jury fees, police report fees, medical record retrieval fees, filing fees, witness fees, and more. You can be billed for the number of hours your lawyer spends working on your case, not to mention court fees. That adds up fast.

Those aren’t the only expenses you have to worry about either. For example, if you own a business and it’s found to violate a certain law, you might need to pay fines and other penalties.

If your pockets aren’t deep, paying for legal issues can put you in the red. That’s why you need to look at other options for financing — namely, selling your house for cash.

Why Sell Your House for Cash?

What would you say if someone told you, “You can get cash for your house fast, in as little as seven days”? You’d think that it’s too good to be true, right? You’d be skeptical but maybe a bit hopeful.

Don’t worry — selling your home to a cash home buyer like us at 1-800-SellNow is the easiest and fastest way to make money off your property.

Going the traditional route for selling a house is time-consuming, tedious, and costly. You’d need to dedicate a budget to expensive repairs because no home buyer will want a house with water damage or a faulty roof.

You’d also have to look for an excellent real estate agent to list your house because they can connect you with the right buyers and haggle a reasonable price. However, they’ll require fees or commissions that could severely decrease your profit.

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Sell Your House to Cash Home Buyers

Furthermore, it can take months to sell a house on the market. That’s time you don’t have when you’re being faced with an immediate lawsuit.

You won’t have to deal with any of those issues by selling your house fast for cash. Instead, you can receive a quick payment with little to no fuss. This can help you relax and get the peace of mind to focus on your legal troubles or woes.

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